Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

“A business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better.”

Richard Branson

Is Your Business Solving a Pleasure or a Pain Point? 

This value proposition is standard business school speak for the underlying reason that a business should exist.

If your business does not look to clearly solve one or the other you could be in that “death in the middle” realm that is oh so scary.

No matter if you solve a pleasure or pain point though if your business sells in the Direct to Consumer (DTC) channel. There is a tremendous opportunity to elevate your customer experience.

Seamless Customer Experience


Creating a Seamless Experience 

So much of a customer’s loyalty is now tied to the service experience with the brand. Not just the product that the company offers. 

This is where integrated business systems are critical.

It is essential to have a system’s architecture where one system (I.e. – a CRM) is the “center of truth”. This is for all customer data related to marketing touchpoint, sales successes (or losses), and service interactions. This omni-channel approach will dramatically increase the likelihood that your customer will stay with you long term. And become an ambassador of your brand to others.

Think of the brands where you are a member today. And ask yourself if you would stay loyal if their service experience was consistently subpar?

Share your thoughts below on inspiring (or frustrating) experiences and how you believe their integrated systems helped that satisfy your pain or pleasure point.  

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