Paul Leary

Paul Assemblage team

Paul Leary

Founder & Principal, Assemblage Strategy Group

Paul Leary thrive on bringing business teams together and inspiring them to make their work focus, personal lives and community engagement meaningful.

Paul Leary is a husband, father, business executive, entrepreneur and board member. He is the founder of Assemblage Strategy Group, a firm focused on optimizing the profits of consumer-packaged goods businesses in California.

As a leading Northern California entrepreneur and senior executive. Mr. Leary brings more than 20 years of business leadership, brand marketing, sales and operations expertise to his roles.

Leary’s continual business concern is to build a company’s brand equity and financial returns by optimizing  product and service quality. While spearheading niche sales & marketing strategies that create consumer demand in the direct and wholesale distribution channels. 

Desert island cuisine: Japanese

Favorite pastime: Downhill skiing with his family