A Collection of "SuperPower" Capabilities Group

Assemblage Team offers its clients a network of individuals from multiple business disciplines. Each person offers their own “superpower” perspective on how they can influence more forecastable top and bottom line results. We know that each client’s needs are different, so we only utilize resources that we believe will benefit your scope of work. Related to scope and cost, we generally work on fixed retainers or if it is project based, we offer guaranteed maximum pricing options to ensure client satisfaction. 

Principal Project Leadership

Paul Assemblage team

Finance and Control Group

Systems Integrations

A Network of Trusted Partners

In addition to our team, Assemblage works with numerous companies to add value to our client engagements. 

Assemblage works with key partners like Trove Services and Endsight managed IT services to bring greater control and cost savings to your business.

An engagement with our team opens up a network of operational opportunities for your business.

Demand Generation

We provide a fresh perspective. Ready to work with us?